You always had my back… I got YOURS now!

When my dad started losing his hearing, he didn’t want anyone to know.

It’s after he left his hearing aids at the pool that I learn he had paid $4,600 out of pocket.

I knew he couldn’t afford another pair.

Why are hearing centers & audiologists charging so much?

There had to be a better way?

That’s why Hearwin exists today.

We help families find solutions for their hear loss challenges

 Hearwin Support Team

For all of us here at Hearwin, it's a personal story

Thanks for taking the time to read about us.

What makes our team a little special is that we ALL experienced a challenge with hearing.

Either personally or in our family so we take it to heart.

And that’s why we are DOING something about it.

Using our experience with e-commerce, logistics & support:

– We work with manufacturers direct

– We ship from the factory straight to you

– We guide you in the right direction to meet your need with your available resources

– We help you find solutions to your own hearing challenges whatever they may be.

Whereas personal or related to friends and family, we are here to help.

Because when we all hear well, we all win.

The Hearwin Team

Jeff Richfield


Jeff grew up playing drums in a rock band.

After spending a decade in Los Angeles he’s experienced his own challenges with hearing.

He went through the entire process and also realized that there had to be a better way. That’s when he helped build Hearwin

Stacy Williams

Customer Support Lead

Don’t mess with Stacy’s dad…

When she found out how much her dad was charged for his hearing aids, Stacy took it to heart.

She consistently comes up with solutions to server our customers both on and off business hours.

She’s a relentless serving and we couldn’t live without her